Funzi Mangrove Resort

We offer:


- Free access every day at the sandbar at low tide.

- Free Wifi in the lounge.

- Swimming pool.

- Pool table.

- Darts.

- Bowling.



The restaurant:


Our specialities from the sea:


Grilled Lobster, Ginger Mangrove crab, Prawns, Squid, Octopus and a lot of varieties of fish.


Our specialities from the earth:


Grilled T-Bone steak, Grilled sirloin steak, Grilled caramelized spare ribs, Lamb chops, Grilled chicken drumsticks and the famous Table BBQ.


We can organise special meals for vegetarians and vegetalians.

The Bar:


Water, Tonic water, Sodas, Juices, Tomato juice, Red bull.


Different type of beers from Kenya and also from Belgium.


We provide different types of white and red wine from Argentina, Chile, France and South Africa.


Champagne, Sparkling wines from South Africa.


All international alcools and some cocktails.

Our Specialities

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